Class Action Litigation

When a defendant faces the prospect of class action litigation, Lambdin & Chaney’s attorneys have the experience to defeat the threat of class certification or manage the litigation as necessary. Some examples of our expertise in handling class action litigation follow:

In the U.S. District Court for the State of Colorado, our attorneys defeated the plaintiff’s attempts to certify a class action against our client based on allegations that an initial letter sent to claimants was an agreement to make an offer regardless of coverage or liability.

In Adams County District Court, we prevented an attempt to certify a class action based on allegations that our client utilized an incentive program linking its claims handlers’ pay and promotion to the amount of general damages payments.

In a product liability case, as co-counsel for a window manufacturer, we successfully precluded the certification of a potential class made up of approximately 12,000 Colorado homeowners with homes in which particular windows were installed.