Construction Litigation

Construction Litigation Attorneys

 at Lambdin & Chaney have built a practice group with the same reputation for excellence and efficiency associated with the firm since its inception. The firm’s proficiency in construction defect litigation is enhanced by the knowledge and experience of our staff in engineering and construction as well as litigation. Our attorneys and paralegals are prepared for the issues raised in this burgeoning field of litigation and understand the importance of selecting effective experts for each case. Our demonstrated ability to handle construction litigation from site liability defense to complex construction defect litigation can be seen in the outcomes below:

Construction Defect Attorneys

 – We obtained summary judgment in a recent El Paso County District Court case in which homeowners brought claims of construction defect, breach of warranty, construction overcharges and misappropriation of funds, and sought in excess of $1 million in damages.  The court dismissed all claims on summary judgment and awarded costs to our client.

Construction Site Liability Attorneys

 – We successfully limited a jury award in a trial against a general contractor and subcontractor involving an eight-year-old who sustained permanent injuries after falling in an open manhole. The jury found significant comparative negligence of the parent for allowing the child to be outside at night in a known construction zone. Despite the plaintiff’s attorney’s request for $3 million in closing argument, the jury’s award against our client was limited to approximately $30,000.